07 June, 2023

What is the warm window installation?


With the development of construction technology, more attention shifts to the proper thermal insulation of newly erected buildings. The goal is to achieve a low thermal transmittance coefficient using windows offering efficient thermal insulation. However, the investor must follow his investment in energy-efficient windows with warm installation techniques.

Prevent heat loss through the proper installation of windows

Walls of newly constructed buildings consist of two or three layers containing internal insulation. Proper, effective installation of windows and their insulation prevents water from gathering in the insulating layers of the wall, which will protect the wall from moisture and fungus. An installation conducted according to the design protects the building from energy loss preventing the formation of so-called thermal bridges.

The warm window installation method

The warm installation is possible in new two- or three-layer buildings or those that have been thermally upgraded. However, it is impossible in buildings made of solid walls, not divided into layers. This is because windows installed directly in the insulation layer of the wall are, in a sense, an extension and continuation of it.

Three layers are created using the warm installation approach. The outer side is vapour-permeable, allowing moisture to escape from the room. It also protects against the entry of vapour from the outside. The layer consists of tape or a vapour-permeable foil.

The middle layer is polyurethane foam or mineral wool.

The inner layer is made of vapour-proof foil that prevents moisture from the inside from penetrating foam sealants. It is highly relevant because water diminishes the insulating properties of the foam. It is also worth pointing out that alongside protecting from heat loss, foams form an acoustic barrier.

The warmer the windows, the more recommended the warm installation method becomes.

What is the process of warm window installation?

Only proper warm installation will give the desired effect, and it should consist of the following steps:

Only a properly performed warm installation of window frames will allow you to maintain efficient thermal insulation parameters and save money on the operation of the building.


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