Exclusive AluLine

Exclusive AluLine
  • The variety of designs available for aluminium entrance doors creates endless possibilities for arranging the entry to the property.
  • A notable characteristic of aluminium windows is the possibility of using concealed sashes, which give frames a seamless, fixed glazing effect when viewed from the outside.
  • Aluminium sliding door systems are designed for expansive glazing with a glass area of up to 94%.

The Exclusive AluLine product set consists of aluminium windows, potentially with hidden sashes, a slender aluminium sliding system with large glazing, and a matching aluminium door.

Prestigious aluminium windows offer elegant aesthetics with optional concealed sashes. This feature provides a sleek look of fixed glazing while retaining the full functionality of active sashes. Such original windows possess excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

Large-scale aluminium sliding door systems are designed for extensive glazing, with a glass surface area of up to 94%. It allows maximum interior light while reducing the visibility of aluminium elements to a minimum.

Innovative and elegant collections of aluminium external doors are available in many designs and colour options. It is a product refined to the highest level equally in terms of technology and aesthetics.

The Exclusive AluLine product line saves a lot of time when selecting joinery for the entire house. Above all, however, it guarantees a consistent appearance of windows and doors and the best performance.

Exclusive AluLine is an investment that brings long-term benefits in the form of energy savings and tangible comfort. The unusually stylish form and lack of unnecessary details allow users to experience the luxury they deserve.

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