06 April, 2023

A revolution in the PVC window market


greenEvolution Flex
greenEvolution Flex

Salamander greenEvolution Flex is the latest advancement in PVC system manufacturing. Thanks to its energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technology, it is a product that combines excellent thermal insulation with care for the environment.

PVC windows are a popular choice due to their durability, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. However, the materials used in their manufacture can sometimes contain phthalates, plasticisers, and other substances potentially harmful to human health and the environment. Therefore, a plastic window made from a material free of them is a safe choice. This is particularly important for schools, homes and offices.

The Salamander greenEvolution Flex system, a new addition to our range, is just such a system. The materials used for its production do not contain phthalates and plasticisers, distinguishing it from other PVC systems. As a result, products made in this system are not only environmentally friendly but also characterised by high durability. The window frames are stronger and more resistant to UV radiation, ensuring longevity and minimising the need for repairs and replacement.

Energy efficiency is another feature that distinguishes the windows in this series. Thanks to its modern solutions, Salamander greenEvolution Flex achieves a very low heat transfer coefficient, which means lower heating bills. The system also meets the criteria for products that qualify for funding under the Clean Air 3.0 programme.

To summarise, Salamander greenEvolution Flex is a product made of uPVC material of the highest quality, characterised by longevity, health safety and environmental friendliness. The system is an innovative choice that will undoubtedly prove its value in residential and large-scale construction.


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