10 April, 2024

COR 70 HO: a new era of interior lighting with aluminium windows


Welcome to the world of modern windows. COR 70 HO are not only excellent technical parameters, but also unique design.

Another unique product joins the group of aluminium systems – Cortizo. Its aesthetic values and the amount of natural light they let into the interior are unrivalled.

Slim design, plenty of light

The window has a "Euro" fitting groove, a hidden sash and exceptionally narrow joinery. All these elements contribute to a delightfully slim visual end result. And all this while maintaining a very stable and weather-resistant structure.

"Due to the fact that the cross-section visible from the outside is only 66 mm, the glazing area is increased and can reach up to 85% of the total window area," says Michał Obrusnik, aluminium product manager at Eko-Okna.

The interiors are fully illuminated and staying at home is simply pure pleasure.

What about the exterior? COR 70 HO has been designed so that, despite its classic functionality, it looks like a fixed window, i.e. a fix window. Thanks to this structure, you can achieve a coherent, minimalist façade of the building, which can be admired like a contemporary work of art.

Optimal temperature, away from the noise

However, the advantages of the new product we present do not end with its design. In addition to light, it brings warmth and silence to the house.

"The product has a very decent heat transfer coefficient of 1.0 [W/m²K]*. This is due to the 35 mm wide thermal break and polyolefin foam placed in the frame and sash, which contribute to the energy efficiency of the solution," adds Michał Obrusnik.

Additionally, our system is distinguished by its excellent ability to suppress noise, which was achieved thanks to glazing up to 46 mm.

Above average durability for many years

AEV tests confirm the excellent watertightness, airtightness and wind resistance of this system. This guarantees the highest level of protection against difficult weather conditions.

COR 70 HO is more than just windows. It is a symbol of comfort at home.

Please contact your sales representative to obtain a detailed offer and check product availability.

*for a 1000 x 2200 mm window with Ug 0.6 glass (HI+ variant), with two g and three chambers


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