19 December, 2022

Exclusive AluLine – a new product line for the most discerning

All in One

We have just launched a new line of high-end aluminium products. Exclusive AluLine consists of luxury products that satisfy the most discerning of clients.

Modern design, energy efficiency and superior comfort guaranteed for years to come are the principal features of the Exclusive AluLine line. It is a set we created in response to the needs of the most demanding customers who value exclusivity, prestige and elegance.

Choosing joinery for the whole house can be convenient and does not necessarily require browsing the entire range on the market. Without specialised knowledge of the products, anyone can choose those with the best technical parameters and aesthetic qualities and with a guarantee of the highest craftsmanship. The Exclusive AluLine set comprises solutions that fit with the latest construction trends.

„When we were creating the Exclusive AluLine line, we were driven by one objective, i.e. to provide the customer with the best parameters while maintaining the highest product standard and exceptional aesthetic qualities,” says Michał Maciejewski, Director of the Sales and Purchasing Department of Eko-Okna S.A.

The Exclusive AluLine includes the prestigious Decalu 88 Hidden, a window system with concealed sash, the Cor Vision Plus sliding system and the innovative Despiro aluminium doors.

„Exclusive AluLine is an investment that brings long-term benefits in energy savings and tangible comfort. The remarkably designer look and the lack of unnecessary details allow users to experience the luxury they deserve,” adds Mr Maciejewski.

The Exclusive AluLine product line not only saves the time needed to select joinery but is, first and foremost, a guarantee of the best parameters and consistent appearance of windows and doors.

Yet again, we give our customers the certainty of the highest quality and convenience thanks to the possibility of ordering all joinery components from one manufacturer.


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