16 February, 2024

We present INFINITI Thermo, a sectional garage door with a 60 mm panel

Garage Doors

The long-awaited 60 mm thick panels are now available to our customers. It's time for a new standard on the garage door market.

The well-known and appreciated INFINITI garage doors already offer good thermal insulation. However, rising energy prices require going a step further. Therefore, our offer has been expanded to include INFINITI Thermo doors, which are distinguished primarily by a 60 mm thick panel.

There is no room for compromise

"We have been working hard on INFINITI Thermo for a long time and we spare no effort, because it is something that can be a new opening for Eko-Okna on the garage door market", Janusz Fałowski, director of garage door production, does not hide his enthusiasm. – The introduction of a 60 mm thick panel, the thermal transmittance of which is only 0.36 W/m²K, allows the creation of really warm gates, which is already indicated in the name of the new product.

INFINITI Thermo is the answer to the needs reported on the market. Although a slightly lower temperature is naturally acceptable in the garage, if it is a room connected to a building, its excessive cooling will lead to the loss of energy of the entire house. The colder the garage, the higher the costs of heating the building. "Customers demanded action in this field and Eko-Okna rose to the challenge", director Fałowski points out.

Insulation and tightness

"Thermo doors are warmer primarily thanks to the use of an effectively insulating panel", explains Przemysław Kuczera, technologist/constructor of sectional doors. "We increased its thickness to 60 mm, which allows us to use more insulating material between the steel sheets. This is a completely positive change and does not negatively affect any aspect of the gate's operation".

Even such a significant reduction in thermal transmittance would not be effective without ensuring adequate tightness of the door. There are double gaskets between the panels to protect their connections, and a double-lip seal with a special thermal chamber is placed around the perimeter.

"I really wanted to have a thermal chamber in our gaskets", emphasises director Fałowski. " This is something that distinguishes us from the competition and works really effectively in reducing heat loss".

"Another important aspect is that the panel we use is 60 mm thick over the entire height of the panel, including its lock", adds Przemysław Kuczera. "INFINITI Thermo is a product in which we minimise the occurrence of thermal bridges in gates, thus gaining a competitive advantage".

Currently, INFINITI Thermo sectional doors are available in the F system (torsion springs at the front). It will be possible to order other INFINITI systems in the near future.


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