28 February, 2023

What can you gain by working with us?


The market in the construction industry is changing very dynamically, customers are more often looking for non-standard solutions for their homes. They are looking for something more than common white, plastic windows. Buyers put the functionality of the goods first. Which of our products have been highlighted on your market?

Double-hung windows

These are double sash windows with two operating sashes. The sashes of the windows move up and down, which significantly improves the ventilation of the room. An important aspect for your client will be saving space by up-down opening. Do you want to know more about this type of product? You can do this by checking our e-learning platform. Find out more in our article: http://bit.ly/41tO1i5

Doors for special tasks

Swinging doors made of aluminum, dedicated to external use. Your client will appreciate them for the possibility of opening them in two directions. Aluminum doors from the Pivot series will prove themselves in rooms with a minimalist and modern aesthetic. They are most often used in offices and public places.

Unrivaled window system

The Cortizo product line provides great arrangement possibilities, thanks to its external opening. The solution provides very good sound insulation, as well as high wind resistance and excellent water tightness. Perfect for small areas, where space must be planned in a functional way.

Aluminum solution

Aluminum windows have been designed with a modern look and functionality in mind. The reduced visibility of plastic fragments and gaskets in the profiles will work both in single-family houses and other buildings. Slender aesthetic variants of profiles in the MasterLine line allow the window to be matched to the architecture of the building.

Do you want to organize the management of your company, but do not know which tools to use? Check out our solution dedicated to the joinery industry and manage your company with the help of eko4u. The eko4u offers access to the deliveries status, configuration and creation of offers and invoices. By starting cooperation with Eko-Okna you will gain access to the eko4u platform and much more. Register now http://bit.ly/3m7njfe.

Do you want to consolidate your knowledge? Are you looking for a tool that will make it easier for you? Check out our benefit4u platform and gain access to educational resources!

Have questions? Contact our consultant Patrycja for more information.


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