EkoGreen embossed panels

EkoGreen embossed panels
  • panel thickness: 15/16"– 1 7/8"
  • solid or glazed door panels
  • Hydro Exterior HDF board + XPS insulation
  • one-sided (E-K), two-sided (E-M) embossed, milled or 3D relief
  • safety glass 33.1 in glazing
  • glazing with a glazing bead (ON type), without glazing bead (type O)
  • maximum size 43 5/16" x 110 1/4"
  • minimum size 7 7/8" x 59 1/16"
  • temperature tolerance from -58°F to 248°F

EkoGreen panels are a product that combines Italian design with the highest performance parameters available for this class of products. They are distinguished by a special emphasis on ecology, expressed not only in the reduced carbon footprint and the use of PEFC-certified wood, but also in significantly improved thermal insulation, increased by about 40% compared to typical panels.

EkoGreen is a brand known for the richness and variety of available styles. Each of the panels can have EkoGreen embossed side panels, EkoGreen embossed bottom panels and EkoGreen internal shutters .

The possibility of perfectly matching the door to any house and apartment, regardless of their architectural style, is guaranteed by inox and wood-like frames, milled lines and cutters in a shallow relief and inserts: charcoal, wood-like, aluminium, stone, copper, with a 3D effect and multi-chamber inserts . The panels are available in all patterns from the veneer palette.

The aesthetics and durability of the EkoGreen panels is also ensured by the multi-layer PVC-Acrylic foil, which prevents overheating of the door elements (temperature tolerance from -50°C to 120°C), reflects up to 80% of UV radiation (patented Solar Shield technology) and additionally enables the creation of decoration with a 3D effect.

While maintaining standard dimensions and reducing the weight of the door by 30%, EkoGreen panels allow you to reduce heat loss by up to 40%. Depending on the thickness of the door, you can get an Up.p of up to 0.66 W/m2K (for panels with a thickness of 44-48 mm), which was basically impossible using traditional technologies. Hydro Exterior HDF boards, thanks to the adhesives and resins used, are not susceptible to water, and the XPS insulation between them is a good insulator. This combination also provides effective sound insulation.

EkoGreen panels use glazing using safety glass 33.1 with warm spacers that eliminate heat bridges. Glass can be clear or satin.

It is possible to freely combine EkoGreen panels and their additional elements.The maximum size of a single panel is 43 5/16" x 110 1/4", the minimum – 7 7/8" x 59 1/16".

The publication does not constitute a commercial offer. The presented graphic materials are for illustrative purposes only, and the actual colours and textures of the products may differ from those shown in the advertising materials. The graphics presented, including the presentation of colours, cannot constitute the basis for a complaint. Renders show selected profile and glazing sets.

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