25 September, 2023

A sunny newcomer from Somfy

window covers

Sometimes, choosing the right external roller shutter drive can produce unbelievable results. Combine saving money and protecting your home in a non-invasive, silent way to control your window covers. Choose the new Somfy RS100 io solar drive.

Intuitive and silent

You control it via an app on your phone or a dedicated voice assistant. It is possible to save specific scenarios in TaHoma®. The drive speed is also subject to regulation, and the battery charge level can be monitored in real-time on your phone.

The Somfy drive is equipped with an inaudible mechanism that glides smoothly as the roller shutter opens and closes.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

"The solar-powered drive is one of this season's major innovations. The battery lasts at least 45 days between charges and does not need to be plugged in during this time. This makes it possible to take care of the environment and reduce living costs at an express pace. In addition, the roller shutters themselves save on air conditioning in summer," says Marzena Bauerek, Head of the Marketing Department.

Non-invasive and well-tested

The drive does not require the installation of electrical cables, and the wall remains intact. This makes it perfectly suited to renovated buildings. It can be installed anywhere, as only access to sunlight is required.

The RS100 io detects obstacles on its curtain's path, which makes it safe for people and objects. At the same time, it protects the home against break-ins, increasing the feeling of security. It influences the level of security of a home, protecting against break-ins. The system also protects against frost accumulating on its components.

The motor is covered by a 7-year manufacturer's warranty.


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