28 July, 2023

Eko-Okna's expansion in the US market gains impetus with eight new systems


Eko-Okna, one of Europe's largest joinery manufacturers and global leaders in the industry, is announcing the opening of a new chapter in its history. It is expanding its offer with new products developed for the American market.

Eko-Okna is a company that regularly amazes with the momentum of its growth and has just announced the completion of another milestone. It is enriching its already impressive product range with solutions dedicated to the specific needs of the American customer. The U.S. market, far greater than the European Union, with joinery sales numbering in millions, is a natural expansion vector for a business outgrowing its neighborhood. Eko-Okna backs its desire for domination with tangible actions, which plot a viable route to success.

Challenges of the American market

"European joinery manufacturers are not a powerhouse in the American market, which is a result of its uniqueness, comparable only to the British Isles," admits Roman Bober, Eko-Okna Product Manager for the USA. "Each time we have won a strong position in the markets of various countries, we have done so largely with products tailored to the specific expectations of customers there. Our introduction of strictly American systems, especially guillotine and casement solutions, is a repetition of a proven pattern and the creation of a new vector of development. In this way, we will reach out to new customers, boosting our sales substantially from day one."

For Eko-Okna, responding to unusual customer needs, atypical from the Polish point of view, is nothing new. The company has for many years offered renovation solutions, popular predominantly in the Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg). Renovation windows streamline joinery replacement in historic buildings of the region. Eko-Okna also produces monoblock windows, which are popular in the French market, but almost unknown in Poland. The recent expansion has gained Eko-Okna footholds in Asia, Africa, and Oceania. With such vast hands-on experience, introducing new solutions will most likely enroll smoothly, and the systems will meet the expectations of the new market, allowing the company to make its mark on it.

Expansion into known waters

"We have been present in the US market for quite some time," points out Mr. Bober and proceeds to explain the journey of Eko-Okna in the USA. "The experience gained from offering top European solutions, which are still niche here, let us better understand the expectations of US citizens. We have learned how you use your windows, what you like and do not like, what you are used to, and what you expect when you set off to renovate your houses or build new ones. Based on this knowledge, we have created systems that are quite unusual from our perspective. They are meticulously tailored to the realities here, letting us reach an incomparably larger number of private and institutional investors. We have thus gained an effective tool for expansion in new directions," adds Mr. Bober.

As befits a manufacturer whose ambition is to satisfy all customers' needs in one go, a maker of windows, doors, sliding systems, window coverings, garage doors, and even fences and pergolas, Eko-Okna simultaneously introduces as many as eight new systems:

These newcomers, backed by all the systems already in the sprawling Eko-Okna portfolio, constitute a comprehensive offer for every American investor.

Solutions tailored to the customer

The just-introduced systems feature solutions seldom used in Europe, such as the nailing fin, which facilitates the installation of products in typical investments realized according to the construction technology used in the United States. The windows come with integrated insect screens as standard and have appropriate additional elements following American standards.

"Along with the products, we have also set up a whole system of sales support," points out Mr. Bober. "First and foremost, it consists of our flagship eko4u platform enabling distributors to draw quick estimates. There are also leaflets, flyers, brochures, catalogs, and always up-to-date product descriptions available on the company's website, everything naturally in English and the imperial system of measurements. Feel free to contact our sales representatives, who will gladly answer all your questions, from sunrise over Europe to sunset over California. Different time zones are no obstacle here."


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