22 February, 2024

Wooden joinery in four weeks


Eko-Okna increases production capacity to provide customers with the highest quality wooden windows and doors in just four weeks.

For centuries, wooden joinery has been most popular. Nowadays, we return to it more and more often due to its decorative grains, pleasant-to-touch structure and the warm charm it brings to the interior.

"Eko-Okna chooses wood, which is a natural material with insulating properties. Additionally, it leaves a negligible carbon footprint. Our clients love wooden joinery", says Adrian Nowacki, deputy production manager of wooden windows at Eko-Okna.

Faster than ever

This year, we are focusing on maximizing production capacity in the wood department. Additionally, to meet the ever-increasing number of orders, the new factory in Kędzierzyn-Koźle will produce wooden windows and doors.

As part of the new production plan, we will have the highest quality products ready for delivery in four weeks.

Energy efficiency at the highest level

Wooden frames are extremely stable, durable and solid. Those in Eko-Okna are glued from three or four layers of raw material. This makes them resistant to bending and thus protects the window against thermal bridges. Thicker profiles have great insulation.

The deep installation of Eko-Okna’s wooden windows also allows the use of thicker glazing packages, which reduces thermal transmittance.

Products from the Naturo and Esperia Life series can additionally use a spacer frame, i.e. the so-called a warm spacer to provide even better insulation.

Dazzling news

At the end of 2023, two new systems joined our offer – Naturo 80 and Naturo 92. Like the rest of the Naturo family, they are made of ethically sourced raw materials, are characterized by high insulation parameters and are environmentally friendly.

Naturo 80 has replaced Naturo 76, it has a construction depth of 80 mm and a Uw of 0.9*, ideal for an energy-efficient house.

Naturo 92, in turn, is a wooden profile with the largest installation depth of 92 mm in the history of Eko-Okna. It is the successor of Naturo 88, its Uw is equal to 0.77* and meets the requirements of passive construction.

For customers with a particular passion for design, we have prepared an updated offer of wooden joinery finishes. There are many variants to choose from: colours from the azure palette, RAL palette, as well as colourless varnish and colourless impregnation. The offer also includes the possibility of ordering joinery in raw wood.

Please contact our sales representative to find out the details and order the best wooden joinery.

* For Ug = 0.5 (Ultimate spacer). The above Uw value is given for a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm.


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