26 September, 2023

EkoGreen embossed door panels (Bugnato), bottom panels (Sottotraversi), extensions and shutters (Scuretti) – the entire set of Italian-style products now available


A stunning entrance is something every home, office and apartment deserves. We are currently introducing a wide selection of embossed panels Bugnato and compatible extensions, bottom panels Sottotraversi and internal shutters Scuretti. All this with the best parameters and care for nature.

EkoGreen is a brand that combines ecology and durability in an exceptionally attractive form inspired by the climate of the Apennine Peninsula. Bugnato, Scuretti and Sottotraversi are invariably captivate with their natural beauty and can be adapted to your taste in countless ways.

"We place strong emphasis on embossed door panels primarily because it is a response to the needs of our customers" emphasizes Maciej Zajda, our purchasing specialist. "We are dealing here with a truly unique product. The doors are stylistically stunning. They are available with a wide range of different finishes, for example copper, aluminum and stone inserts and safety glass 33.1. Bottom panels, extensions and internal shutters are compatible with them. And what’s more important, all are characterized by excellent thermal and ecological parameters."

The technologies used are of great importance for the aesthetics and usability offered by EkoGreen. The name itself refers to the extraordinary ecological nature of the solutions. All EkoGreen products are based on Hydro Exterior HDF boards, which provides them with better thermal insulation and greater water resistance. Doors, side panels and bottom panels are filled with XPS, which translates into an increase in thermal insulation by as much as 40% while reducing the weight of the products by approximately 30% compared to typical proposals available on the market.

"All EkoGreen elements are protected with PVC-Acrylic foils. It is a multi-layer coating that guarantees resistance to mechanical damage, resistance to a wide range of temperatures, and even enables the creation of three-dimensional decorations" Mr. Maciej lists the advantages of EkoGreen and adds: "EkoGreen will please the eye for many years."

Durable and aesthetically attractive panels will work well in rustic-style homes. A wide range of patterns, veneers and decorations make them compatible even with modern, minimalist interiors.

Door panels, bottom panels and side panels have a maximum thickness of 48 mm. The shutters are 18 mm.


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